Conference Proceedings

Excellent Publishers welcomes Researchers, Faculties from organizations and institutions to collaborate with scientific conferences and publishing Proceedings in an open access journal dedicated to publishing findings resulting from seminar, workshops, and similar events.

Proceedings publication differs from regular journals in several aspects, which makes it important for all authors to follow our guidelines.

Proceedings papers are submitted directly to the proceedings editors who manage the review process and collect the accepted articles.

The editors submit the proceedings articles to our Excellent Publishers in a single file rather than individually as each paper is ready.

The proceedings manuscripts are published as a single collection (volume) of Excellent Publishers Conference Proceedings.

After the editors have collected sufficient accepted manuscripts, or as many manuscripts as authors are willing to write, they submit them to us in a single file. Excellent Publishers cannot publish any proceedings until the entire set of files meets the requirements of our publication and production systems.

Interested organizers can email their profile and Conference Proceedings proposal form   to us at

Proposal for new Conference Proceedings should contain following:

  • Title of Conference Proceedings
  • Scope of Conference Proceedings
  • Organizing secretary or Editor Name, affiliation address, email id, mobile number
  • Conference Proceedings proposal form and Profile of editor (should include: color photo, present institutional affiliation)

For Conference Proceedings proposal form click here

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