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Status, Trends and Advances in Bioremediation pp. 145-162
Editors: Dr. Natchimuthu Karmegam
Dr. Mani Prakash
ISBN: 978-93-94174-13-9
Chapter 8
Vermi-Management of Plant Biomass Wastes with Green Manure for Enriched Vermicompost Production
R. Sabarish1,4, M. Biruntha2, N. Karmegam3 and M. Prakash4*
1Research Department of Microbiology, Kanchi Shri Krishna College of Arts and Science, Kanchipuram-631 551, Tamil Nadu, India
2Department of Animal Health and Management, Alagappa University, Karaikudi-630 003, Tamil Nadu, India
3Department of Botany, Govt. Arts college, Salem-7, Tamil Nadu, India
4Department of Biotechnology, St.Joseph's College (Arts & Science), Kundrathur Main Road, Kovur, Chennai-600128, India
Vermicomposting is an effective method for recycling organic wastes for the generation of vermicompost. In the present study fungal based pre-decomposed plant wastes were mixed with cow dung and green manure plant (Gliricidia sepium) were subjected to vermicomposting using African earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae along with worm uninoculated control experiments under controlled conditions. The initial and final substrate mixtures were analyzed for pH, electrical conductivity, total organic carbon, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, and C/N ratio. Besides, the initial and final substrates were tested for phytotoxicity with maize and cowpea to assess the suitability of the vermicompost for utilizing as organic manure. The results revealed a reduction pH, organic carbon and C/N ratio while increment in total NPK contents in the vermicompost than the control experiments without earthworms. The study suggests that the addition of cow dung and green manure plants in pre-decomposed plant biomass waste in 1:1:1 ratio is suitable for vermicompost production using the earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae.
Earthworms, Plant biomass, Vermicomposting, Organic manure, Phytotoxicity
*Corresponding author; e-mail:
Cite this Chapter: Sabarish, R., Biruntha, M., Karmegam, N., Prakash, M., 2022. Vermi-management of plant biomass wastes with green manure for enriched vermicompost production. In: N. Karmegam and M. Prakash (Eds.), Status, Trends and Advances in Bioremediation. Excellent Publishers, India. pp. 145-162. doi:
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