International Journal of Current Trends in Pharmacobiology and Medical Sciences(IJCTPMS)-ISSN: 2456-2432
Vol-2-Issue 1 January 2017 Published
Current Issue Vol-1-7 December 2016
  1. Shahid Iqbal, Muhammad Mehran Anjum, Nawab Ali, Mujaddad ur Rahman and Azam Hayat
    Drinking Water Analysis of Danish Abad (Peshawar) for Pathogenic Bacteria (Solmonella, Shigella and Escherichia coli)
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(7): 1-6
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  2. Rukhsana Ayub, Imtiaz Ahmed Khan and Tika Khan
    Molecular Characterization of Endangered Species Saussurea simpsoniana and Saussurea candicans from Haramosh Valley, Gilgit, Pakistan Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(7): 7-10
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  3. Dereje Berhanu Zewde
    Prevalence of Bovine Fasciolosis in Selected Dairy Farms of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(7): 11-15
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