International Journal of Current Trends in Pharmacobiology and Medical Sciences(IJCTPMS)-ISSN: 2456-2432
Vol-2-Issue 1 January 2017 Published
Current Issue Vol-1-1 June 2016
  1. N. Karmegam, R. Nagaraj and M. Prakash
    In Vitro Anticancer Activity of Certain Wild Fruits Collected from Sirumalai Hills, Southern Eastern Ghats, India
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 1-6
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  2. Stephen Chagudu Alkali and Yusuf Mohammed
    Study on Total Aflatoxin Contents of Wheat Sold in Kaduna and Kano States, North–West, Nigeria
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 7-15
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  3. Kamal A. Mohammed
    Synergistic Effects of Plant Extracts and Antifungal Drugs on Candida albicans
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 16-19
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  4. S. Karthik and S. Arumugam
    Proteome Analysis of Four Immunologically Important Proteins of Plasmodium Species
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 20-33
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  5. Mithlesh Kumar Sinha V. K. Kanungo and M. L. Naik
    Anti-malarial Medicinal Plants Used by the Tribals of District Bastar, Chhattisgarh, India
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 34-40
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  6. M. S. Myil Murugan and R. Kumuthakalavalli
    A Study on the Antimicrobial Activity of Ten Wild Mushrooms of Sirumalai Hills
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 41-44
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  7. Ezeldeen Ahmed Banaga Elnowr, Abd Elrahman and Ahmed Mohammed
    Effect of Phosphorus Source, Nitrogen Source and Rate on Growth and Forage Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Two Soil Types in the River Nile State, Sudan
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 45-50
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  8. T. Sivakami and M. Jayakumar
    Antimicrobial Activity of Ethanolic Leaf Extracts of Selective Medicinal Plants against Food-borne Pathogenic Bacteria
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 51-55
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  9. Muhammad Mehran Anjum, Muhammad Zahir Afridi, Muhammad Owais Iqbal, Kashif Akhtar, Kamran Khan, Shah Khalid and Muhammad Zahid
    Foliar Spray of Ammonium Sulphate on Yield and Yield Components of Canola
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 56-60
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  10. Savita Garwa
    Phamacological Effects of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) - A Review
    Int.J.Curr.Trend.Pharmacobiol.Med.Sci.2016.1(1): 61-63
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